V-Ray Instrument Co., Ltd in JUNWEХ ST. PETERSBURG Exhibition

V-Ray Instrument Co., Ltd, a pioneering force in the XRF Analyzer Industry, showcased its groundbreaking XRF Gold Tester at the recent JUNWEХ ST. PETERSBURG 2024 held in Russia. The innovative technology garnered attention, with local media outlets featuring V-Ray Instrument and its new product VR-M5 on television news.

Suzy, CEO of V-Ray Instruments, was interviewed by OTP, sharing her impressions of the exhibition and emphasizing the importance of XRF gold testers in the jewelry industry and other industries.

Unlike traditional testing methods, which can be time-consuming and require extensive expertise, V-Ray’s XRF Gold Tester delivers rapid results with pinpoint precision. Its non-destructive testing approach ensures that precious metals remain intact, making it an indispensable tool for jewelers, pawnshops, refineries, and gold enthusiasts alike.

V-Ray’s participation in the JUNWEХ ST. PETERSBURG reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of XRF Analyzer industry and delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers. (The following is our customer’ s booth)