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About Us

VRAY instrument has always adhered to the business philosophy of “innovation, professionalism, and integrity”, focusing on providing one-stop solutions for the field of precious metal testing. We are committed to providing customers with the most advanced and reliable testing services and equipment to meet the strict requirements of different industries for precious metal testing.

VRAY Instrument product line covers from portable analyzer to large-scale laboratory level testing equipment, from Gold testing machine, coating thickness tester, RoHS analyzers,liquid  concentration tester, to AAS, X-ray diffractometers, and more. We conduct in-depth research on precious metal detection technology, continuously explore and develop new detection methods and instruments, ensuring that our products and services always stay at the forefront of the industry.

As a leader in the industry, VRAY Instrument has gathered a group of high-quality and professional technical teams, who have a profound professional knowledge background and rich practical experience, and can provide customers with comprehensive technical support and consulting services. At the same time, we also provide customized services, tailoring the most suitable testing plan according to the specific needs of customers.

VRAY Instruments is well aware of the importance of precious metal testing in various industries, so we always adhere to customer

In VRAY Instrument Limited, the following four English words represented by “V” which reflect the company’s core philosophy and goals:

Vitality : The company is full of vitality, constantly promoting technological innovation and product development to maintain industry competitiveness.

Vision : The company has foresight and is committed to anticipating industry trends and leading technological development.

Value: The company focuses on providing customers with high-value products and services to help them achieve business goals.

Victory : The company pursues excellence to achieve sustained success and leadership in the market.

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