10 Steps to Teach You How to Choose Suitable Gold Tester

Choosing a suitable gold tester involves considering several factors based on your specific needs and the capabilities of different testing methods. You can refer to the following aspects to make a choice:

  1. Application scenarios: Recycling and purification, jewelry retail, jewelry manufacturing, quality inspection and research institutions, and other different application scenarios actually have different requirements for gold tester. Understanding your own position and testing needs can quickly sift-suitable gold measuring instruments.
  2. Technical principle: Some people on the market now refer to density meters as gold tester, but in reality, gold tester refer to Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. The principles of the two devices are different, and the measurable elements and accuracy are also different.
  3. Detector configuration: There are many models of gold measuring instruments from low-end to high-end, and the promotion and selling points of each manufacturer are also different. You can easily distinguish them from the most core accessory detectors. Gas Proportional (PC) detectors are low-end, Si Pin is mid-range, and SDD is high-end.
  4. Measurable element range: Usually, the measurable elements of Gas proportional detectors are only 5, mainly gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium. Si-pin and SDD can measure 74 elements (from the periodic table 19.K to 92.U)
  5. Accuracy requirements: For high-purity samples, the accuracy of PC detectors is usually 0.1%, Si-pin is 0.5%, and SDD is 0.1%.
  6. Convenience of operation:Choose precious metal analyzer that is easy to operate, and has  fast testing speed. Devices with modes such as “one click test” and “3-second reference result”.
  7. After sales service:Consider the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer, including warranty period, technical support, etc.
  8. Price and cost-effectiveness:Choose a gold tester with high cost-effectiveness based on your budget. To put it metaphorically, the money spent on buying a Toyota car cannot buy the performance of a BMW, but if you spend money on a BMW, you can compare and choose between a BMW and a Mercedes Benz.
  9. Additional features:such as whether a printer is equipped, how many test report modes are available, and whether there is weight and price display.
  10. Reliable Brand:Choose a brand with a good market reputation and user feedback, and obtain recommendations through online searches or consulting industry experts.