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V-Ray Portable XRF Analyzer VR-M5, this cutting-edge device is engineered for precise and rapid analysis of gold and other precious metals. Its advanced technology enables accurate determination of metal purity and composition with exceptional sensitivity. Experience unparalleled reliability and efficiency in your metal analysis processes with our state-of-the-art desktop XRF gold tester equipped with Si-PIN detector, ensuring fast, dependable results for your precious metal assessments.


  • Small, light and easy to carry
  • Retractable color touch screen display
  • Intelligent battery management monitors real-time capacity and backup via MSBUS. A single battery can last 8 hours
  • User-defined test time
  • Built-in radiation protection device (automatically cut off)
  • Built-in 5 million high-definition camera

Determining The Purity of Gold in Jewellry Shop, Gold Recycling, Gold Plate Test

Determining The Purity of Silver in Silver Jewelry Shop, Silver Recycling

Determining The Purity of PMG Metals, Sunc as Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium

Ensuring The Consistency and Quality of Materials in Quality Inspection Institutions

Identifying Fake Gold for Pawn Shop, Gold Recycling Shop

Quality Control in The Production of Jewelry, Gold Purification Plant


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