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Precious Metals Analyzer VR-N3, specially crafted for jewelry, gold factories and shops. This user-friendly tool ensures accurate and swift assessments, making it your go-to solution for maintaining gold quality standards. Streamline your processes with confidence and precision – welcome to a new standard in gold analysis!


  • Built-in industrial computer, integrated design
  • Multi-point hand touch touchscreen, easy to operate
  • X-ray Tube overheating protection
  • High Voltage protection
  • Warm-up and anti interference procedure is controlled by the program, to reduce the interference by the reflected X-ray and the spectrums, to add the accuracy and stability.

Determining The Purity of Gold in Jewellry Shop, Gold Recycling, Gold Plate Test

Determining The Purity of Silver in Silver Jewelry Shop, Silver Recycling

Determining The Purity of PMG Metals, Sunc as Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium

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