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XRF Analyzer VR-T9 is is excellent XRF Analyzer for Gold Fineness Quality Control. This device ensures precise examination of precious metals, accommodating varying sample sizes with exceptional accuracy. Its spacious chamber allows for comprehensive testing, while the diverse collimators guarantee detailed analysis, making it effortless to gain comprehensive insights into metal composition. Experience superior analysis capabilities and effortless testing with this XRF analyzer, designed with a large sample chamber and versatile collimators for accurate and detailed assessments.


  • Simple and Smart Operation
  • High precision detection ±0.001%
  • Spectrogram contrast function, which can quickly detect the possible change of the material composition and reduce the risk
  • Customized test report content to meet different test data management requirements
  • X-ray tube aging automatically to protect the equipment and minimize the effort required for device maintenance

Determining The Purity of Gold in Jewellry Shop, Gold Recycling, Gold Plate Test

Determining The Purity of Silver in Silver Jewelry Shop, Silver Recycling

Determining The Purity of PMG Metals, Sunc as Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium

Ensuring The Consistency and Quality of Materials in Quality Inspection Institutions

Identifying Fake Gold for Pawn Shop, Gold Recycling Shop

Quality Control in The Production of Jewelry, Gold Purification Plant

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