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VR-AAS800 Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometer is adept at detecting and quantifying micro and trace metallic elements. Capable of analyzing over 30 different elements such as copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), potassium (K), sodium (Na), gold (Au), and silver (Ag), this spectrometer is invaluable for diverse analytical applications. It is a reliable and efficient choice for precise micro-trace elemental analysis.


  • It features eight lamps, each powered independently. During usage, seven of these lamps are kept warm, ready for use, while the eighth lamp performs the analysis. This arrangement significantly cuts down on the time required for lamp switching and preheating, ensuring continuous and efficient operation.
  • For acetylene (C₂H₂) analysis and flame measurements, the system employs a method that achieves complete reflection and corrects any optical distortions, ensuring precise readings.
  • Eight element-specific lamps
  • Safety features to protect the gas circuitry
  • 230 nm wavelength, enhancing sensitivity in the ultraviolet spectrum.
  • 1800 grooves per millimeter grating density, optimized for superior resolution.

Electroplating factory, Electroplating bath, Jewelry factory,Precious metals industry

Geology, Minerals, Metallurgy, Iron and Steel, Nonferrous Metals;Petrochemical industry

Environmental Analysis: Air, Water, Soil and Solid Waste;Food, biomedicine and health products

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